4 Healthcare Apps Patients Are Raving About

Todd Berner
2 min readOct 11, 2022

Technology has made out lives easier and better in a myriad of ways. When it comes to healthcare, it’s even made patients care more about their health. Healthcare apps that we download to our phones and tablets have made it easier for patients to get involved with their health, giving them the important info they need in order to take care of themselves faster than ever and putting it in the palm of their hands. Here are some of the best healthcare apps available today.


With the help of Teladoc, patients can easily connect with a board-certified doctor anytime. This app allows them to speak with a doctor who is ready to listen and resolve their concerns. They can also get in touch with pharmacies of their choice. With the help of Apple HealthKit, Teladoc can now provide a better user experience. This integration allows providers to create a more accurate diagnosis and import the patient’s medical records. Getting in touch with a doctor is easier than ever thanks to apps like this.


MDacne is an app that gives users immediate access to a dermatologist, eliminating the need for them to wait months for their appointment. Many believe that this app will be the future of acne treatment, providing treatments in 5 minutes or less. The app uses advanced technology that monitors your skin, provides treatment reminders, and provides great treatment recommendations on top of access to an actual dermatologist. If you’re not interested in chemical treatments, the app can even recommend natural remedies.


The goal of MySugr is to make diabetes suck less. It allows users to keep track of their blood sugar, carbs and estimated HbA1c levels all at a glance. According to its users, the app has made their lives easier and improved their health. Doctors can also review the data collected by the app to improve the treatment of their patients. This app has been an ally to many people with diabetes. It also provides users with feedback and motivation to help them manage their condition.

Better Help

Getting connected with a counselor or therapist is oftentimes difficult, but apps like Better Help have changed the game in this department. Through video chat and messaging, patients can receive personalized private counseling. Many of the patients who have used Better Help claim that it’s been better than the in-person experiences they’ve had. The app has over 3000 trained and accredited counselors that are experienced in all fields of counseling, from couples and family therapy to anxiety and depression. With Better Help, you can quickly and easily get help that is personalized for your needs.

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Todd Berner

Todd Berner is a pharmaceutical expert with a focus on improving outcomes through patient advocacy, particularly when it comes to rare diseases.