Great Medical Podcasts To Check Out In 2022

Todd Berner
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In today’s world, people are more likely to turn to other methods of learning when they don’t have the time to sit down and read. They prefer to listen to audio media such as podcasts, which is convenient and can be done anywhere, like when you’re driving or cleaning your home. In the medical world, podcasts can be a great resource for both education and entertainment . Check out some of these great medical podcasts worth listening to in 2022.

Second Opinion

Michael Wilkes, a medical doctor from UC Davis, hosts this podcast, which is about examining the ethical and practical issues faced by doctors. He talks about topics such as patient satisfaction and the decisions that doctors make when it comes to treating their patients. In addition, he talks about the use of stigmatized language in healthcare. This production by Kansas City radio station KCRW provides a great overview of the latest developments in medicine.

Docs Outside The Box

Who says that doctors should only stay in hospitals? In this weekly podcast, Nii Darko, a cool and inspirational doctor, talks about the extraordinary individuals who have made a difference in the medical field. He invites other doctors to share their own stories of inspiration and achievement. Docs Outside The Box has a good following and is regularly updated with new content. One of its most popular episodes is with Dr. Zoanne Clack, the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy.

The Doctor Paradox

The way people perceive doctors has changed over the years. From being an altruistic and caring individual to being apathetic robots, this podcast aims to find out why this is happening. Dr. Paddy Barrett talks with doctors about the issues that are affecting their profession. Besides the usual issues such as burnout, this podcast also tackles other challenges that doctors face, such as sleep deprivation and stress. In addition, the show features advice from real doctors. The goal of this program is to help doctors find their dying passion and find solutions to their issues. Only then can they truly add value to the lives of their patients.

Behind The Knife

The goal of this podcast is to provide a deeper understanding of surgical topics, such as the controversial side of the procedures. It also explores the various techniques that are used in general surgery. Hosted by Kevin Kniery, John McClellan, Scott Steele, and Jason Bingham, the show is an educational tool that can be used to supplement your knowledge.

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